For fiction, nothing is more important than great characters and a great story. At Kansix, we're dedicated to bringing to life novels populated by interesting, likable characters who are involved in tales that are exciting and that have real endings. No first novels that leave you disatisfied by endings that are little more than hooks for the next book in the series. At Kansix, readers come first. We want novels that are less about gimmicks and more about what matters most to our dedicated readers. Stories are typically told from beginning to end. Viewpoints are tight and packed with real emotion driven by meaningful conflicts. Our goal is to have novels that are fast reads, easy to pick up, hard to put down, and satisfying when your reach THE END.

For non-fiction, we strive for books that are easy to read and entertaining but that are packed with useful information. All of our printed non-fiction comes complete with a detailed index for easy-reference and both ebook and print provide a hefty table of contents for jumping straight to the information you're looking for.

For every book we produce, our goal is top quality at low prices. Your trust is important, and we will do everything in our power to earn and keep your loyalty. The only limits at Kansix are the limits of imagination.