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     This past year was the least productive year I've ever experienced, if measured simply in the number of words produced. At the same time, my success rate was the best I've ever head. I sold 100% of everything I wrote. (And yes, I wrote more than one thing.) In other interesting developments, the book you see plastered all over this web site was remaindered. For folks who don't know, that means they gathered the copies together, ripped their covers off, and summarily had them executed—or something like that. What that translates into for me and you is that the novel is now available in only a fraction of the places it once was. One of those places is right here on this web site. So get your copy today—while supplies still exist.

     In other news, the convention schedule is starting up ernest. While I won't be attending a Worldcon this year, I did attend ConDFW for the first time. I was favorably impressed—met lots of interesting people—and had a great time. Don't know if I'll ever make it back again, but I'll definitely try. I'll also be at ConQuesT and Conestoga this year.

     I've already taught my writing class for this year at UFM, but plan to teach the class again next year. (These are short, mini-classes—only three sessions each—that are meant to serve as introduction to young writers. We cover as broad a range of topics as can be covered given our incredibly short time span. Mainly, it's a chance for newer writers to gain some exposure having their work critiqued and critiquing the work of others while also getting their questions answered.) If you're in the area and you've always wanted to be a writer but you're still figuring out how to get started, or you're started but you've ran into some stumbling blocks, feel free to sign up. Look for links, sessions, dates, times, etc. at UFM.  

     That's it for now. I still have plans to put some of my writing essays up for general perusal. Look for those in the coming months.