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     To date, I have one published novel.  (Earth: Final Conflict: Legacy)   This page gives a variety of information about that novel.


"Fans of the series will relish this powerful action-packed tale . . .
[others] will enjoy a strong speculative fiction novel."
—Harriet Klausner (Amazon.com #1-rated reviewer!)


Glenn R. Sixbury

Humans and Taelons struggle for control of a legendary ancient power.

Harriet Klausner's review, Amazon.com's #1-rated reviewer)

"This reviewer planned to invoke the fifty-page rule . . . instead this reviewer finished a great tale in one sitting. Glenn R. Sixbury does the impossible of adhering to the nature of the TV cast while enhancing their known personality quirks and traits (Zo'or's depiction is amazing) yet provides freshness with a strong tale that includes the trifecta conflict and a deep look into Cherokee mythos. Fans of the series will relish this powerful action-packed tale while those not familiar will enjoy a strong speculative fiction novel."

(From Publisher's Weekly)

"The alien Taelons—whom some humans consider Earth's saviors, others its destroyers—face their own potential ruin in the form of a mysterious crystal in Glenn R. Sixberry's Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict—Legacy, the sixth tie-in to the TV series. When Waneta Long, a Cherokee archeologist, discovers the Uluhsati on a dig, man and alien alike seek it . . .only Waneta may have the power to control the ancient forces in this appealing mix of futuristic SF and ancient legend."

(From the back of the hardcover edition)

Waneta Long, a woman of Cherokee descent, finds a mysterious red crystal lodged in a piece of pottery discovered at an arachaelogical dig. This red crystal contains a centuries-old destructive force guarded by tribal shamans against those who might misuse its terrible power. When the Taelons discover the crystal, Zo'or is determined to wrest its power from its Native American guardians.

Liam Kincaid and Renee Palmer find themselves caught in a desperate struggle between humans and Taelons, who would resurrect a creature only, the power of Cherokee legend can hold at bay.

When the terrible power is unleashed, humans and Taelons discover a danger that threatens to end all life. A danger that seemingly cannot be stopped . . .

(From the inside dust jacket of the hardcover edition)

Dr. Waneta Long, lead archaeologist at the excavation of a sacred tribal ground in Cherokee, North Carolina, unearths a curious object, a small red crystal lodged in an ancient piece of pottery.

Simultaneously, Taelon Companion Da'an and his protector, Liam Kincaid, privately view a dance performance. Da'an suddenly suffers a breakdown, strangely affected by something only he can perceive in the young Irish boy who leads the dance.

Unknown to all, the boy and red crystal are dangerously interconnected. As the Taelon's leaders, Da'an and Zo'or, and their human protectors seek to uncover the mystery behind them, the boy and the crystal become links to a terrible power that was thought to be nothing more than a legend from the Cherokee past.

Suddenly, the legend has become a towering, voracious reality that gains power with every life it takes. Dr. Long holds the key to end the terror that has been released, and with help from Liam and the Resistance, she has to reach deep into the legacy of her Cherokee past, to recall memories she had once attempted to forget, in order to save both humans and aliens alike.

(My personal blurb)

Atop Rattlesnake Mountain in North Carolina, archaeologist Dr. Waneta Long uncovers an ancient and powerful Cherokee crystal.

Da'an wants it. Zo'or must have it. And the Resistance will do anything to keep it away from both of them.

Whoever possesses the crystal will determine the future of the Earth, but none understand the deadly and devastating power they are about to unleash . . .